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TOG is proud to support the Tanzania Outreach Programme

Tanzania Outreach Programme

Zanzibar Outreach Program [ZOP] with registration 504 was founded in Zanzibar in 2006 with the objective of reaching the community in Zanzibar. Today ZOP is one of the most respected Non Governmental Organization on the islands due to its ongoing and lasting commitment to that cause. ZOP, which relies on private local donations and collaborations with other NGO’s both in Tanzania and overseas, is dedicated to improving the community’s access to health care, clean water and education.

With the help of Tanzania Energy Congress, the Outreach Programme were able to fund a mobile clinic.


Name of the Camp: Jendele Village | Date of the Camp: 07/10/2017

The camp took place at Jendele Village with 40 ZOP volunteers. The Camp served the following villages:

Jendele Hanyegwa
Cheju Tomondo
Ndijani Chwaka
Dunga Miembeni
Meli 4 Jang’ombe


The total number of patients reviewed were 264, below 5 years were 28, between 5-13 years were 30 and above 13 years were 206.

25 spectacles were dispensed to the patients

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